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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Coming in October - My New Book and Some Stories!!

In the last few years I've made half-hearted attempts to jumpstart this blog, but I never really got it off the ground.  When I look back at it, the bottom line was that I didn't really have much to say.  

After years of writing movie and music reviews, I took to heart the old saying that critics are just bitter/failed artists themselves.  I began branching out into fiction writing.  I applied to and was accepted by O.C. Fictionaires about three years ago.  They are a fantastic group of authors here in Orange County who have taught me a lot about the craft and now, now telling stories has become my passion.  

Which leads me to this blog.  I've got some exciting things coming up.  

1.  My first novel will be coming out in October.  It's a romance novel for those that think talking coyotes, drug smuggling, ancient resurrected demons and mass murder make a good romance.  Actually it's a horror novel but there's a love story in there somewhere.  It will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all the usual online retailers in both ebook and physical formats.  Details to come.

2.  My short story "The Postmortem" is being published in an anthology also coming out in October.  It's titled Murder, Mystery and Mayhem: An Orange County Fictionaires' Anthology.  I'll post more details on that and also on the book launch and signing as it gets closer.

3.  Just to entice you to follow this blog, I'll be posting some links to other stories of mine that you can download for free from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. next month.  There will also be coupons for The Wash available only on this blog.

4.  Finally, if you know my family, you know we love October. This year, I'll be posting regularly about the horror movies the Christopher's are watching as we count down to October 31.  We've got quite a list that we've already begun to work through and I'll try to check in weekly with an update.

So please, check in regularly.  Invite your friends to check out and comment as well.  I'll do my best to post things to distract them from their day jobs.  

See you soon!

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