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Monday, November 6, 2017

The Wash Book Release Pt. 2 - A Free Bonus Chapter

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have purchased a copy of The Wash as an eBook.  It's been great hearing from people who are reading it or have read it.  That's the best part of sharing it with others is seeing what pieces resonate and which don't.

I have exciting news.  The Wash is now available as a physical book!  You can order your copy through Amazon right now and very soon it will be available at other online retailers including Barnes & Noble.  If you've been waiting until you could actually hold it in your hands, now's your chance to get it. 

Now, whether you've read the book or not, I have a present for you.  Consider it a "Bonus Scene" of The Wash, if you will.  

Fenton is a name you'll come across occasionally as you read the book.  He's a character who apparently has some minor influence over proceedings in The Wash, however his tie to Jim's Bar and the events in Ogden Wash are so slight that he was actually cut from the main manuscript.  

However, the one chapter where he appeared was a chapter that I particularly loved.  There's a phrase author's toss around: "Killing your darlings".  Fenton's chapter was one of my darlings and I axed it.  

The reason was simple.  It didn't add significantly to the narrative and I needed to cut the length of the book down.  That said, it told a complete story about who "Big Al" Fenton was and what exactly happened to him and rest assured what happened wasn't pretty.

So to celebrate the physical release of The Wash, I've rewritten Fenton's chapter as a short story.  It's called Fenton Takes a Swim and you can pick it up as a free ebook here:

Barnes & Noble


Amazon won't let me give it away for free so I made it as cheap as they would let me ($0.99).  

If you're considering picking up The Wash, think of this as a "teaser" chapter.  Yes, I'm completely acting like a drug pusher now.  I'm giving you a taste for free.  If you've already finished The Wash and you're jonesin' for more, this will scratch your itch.

Finally, I want to thank those of you who have left reviews on Amazon, Smashwords, etc. for both The Wash and A Debt to the Dead.  Reviews are one of the most important things an author can receive in today's publishing world.  It helps me be eligible for marketing campaigns and other incentives that will get The Wash in front of even more readers, so again I thank you!

 See you again in a few days.

 Visit my author page for Fenton Takes a Swim

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Cary said...

Thanks Lisanne. Yeah, I agree about killing your darlings being hard to do but usually the right thing. For this particular story, my favorite thing about it was the way my villain killed the main character. I had an editor tell me that I had to scrap it, but helped me find a way to use that same method somewhere else in the book. That lessened the pain a little.