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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Forgotten Horror Gems Vol. 13 - The 27th Day

One thing about going back and looking at old horror movies is that every now and then, you get bad information.  For instance, this was recommended via a website article on obscure horror movies.  It was a listicle of 10 or 15 films they recommended you see.  This is not a horror film. This is a sci-fi film.  That said, we still watched it and were pleasantly surprised at some of it. 

The premise is interesting.  Aliens abduct people from different countries and give them each a special device that has three radioactive weapons in capsule form.  Only the abductees can open the case, but once the case is open, anyone could set off the weapons.  To use the weapon, you simply speak the latitude and longitude and press the button.  Then all human life (only human life) within 1,000 miles of that location will disappear. 

Why would aliens do this?  Well their planet is dying but they are a peaceful bunch.  They won't invade but if humans can't overcome their warlike nature and happen to blow each other up, then the aliens can move right in. Great plan, right?  Here's the next catch.  If everyone can hold out for 27 days then the weapons become unusable.

All the abductees are sent back and then the aliens do something completely unexpected.  They make an announcement to everyone on Earth about what they've done and name the people who have the weapons.  This sends all the governments of the world scrambling to find the people and gain access to the devices.  

Now, that does sound like a decent (if overly complicated) plot.  It's not actually that bad either.  It's just slow at times.  The ending is quite a surprise and ends up being a great example of Hollywood playing up the Cold War in these films.  Here's what the girls thought.  

The 27th Day Scoresheet

Was it ever night time?  -1
Did it focus on any other day? - 1
Was there Tuna Rarebit?   0 
Were there aliens? +1
Bonus - did the aliens speak English? +1
Was there atomic stuff? + 2
Was there an educational short? 0
Were there fancy hats? 0
Did anyone slide over from the passenger seat to the driver seat of the car? 0
Was there a housewife? 0
Was there a threat of the world ending?  +1
Were there more than three people who smoked? +1
Was it set in the arctic, a desert or swamp?
Was there a decent plot that progressed? +1

Total - 5

The 27th Day can be found on YouTube.  Here's the link!

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